Tropical Punch Improv started from an idea had by corporate entertainment professionals. As THEY improv, the group enjoyed performing together and wanted to have opportunities to perform without the added pressure of their corporate clients.

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why comedy

Our Director found that when people laugh, they become more open to new ideas and more likely to take lessons to heart. This made a company engaged in comedy the perfect vehicle to help everything from small organizations to members of the Fortune 500.

Our actors serve all major tourist destinations for corporate retreats including the Florida Keys, Hilton Head, Portsmouth, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, San Diego, Galveston, New Orleans, Memphis, Lake Geneva, New York City as well as the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, so all of these locations and more are available for public shows if a venue would like to utilize our talent. We have also performed from sea to shining sea and can come to you anywhere you like!


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Some of Our Clients

We have worked with over half of the Fortune 500. These are just a few of our high-profile clients that have improved their business.