Tropical Punch Improv
Comedy With a Tropical Punch

All of the great performers from Tropical Punch were once upon a time a student. Because of this simple fact, we are proud to provide the opportunity for the next generation of performers to learn in our improv comedy classes.

In addition to classes for improv performers, we also have classes to help hopeful comedians, business people, salesmen, actors and others just looking to have a good time. Contact us. If we don't have classes available in your area, we likely have performers teaching classes through other organizations that we would be glad to direct you to.

improv comedy classes

Tropical Punch Improv Classes

Comedy Training With a Tropical Punch

Improv classes help people to communicate with one another, understand each other and to collaborate. This has made such workshops popular for business people looking to improve their sales, leadership skills and teambuilding. For hopeful comedians, the classes are a path to success and hopeful fame. Even for stand-ups, learning the stagecraft and impromptu skills of an improviser helps with generation of material and crowd work. Still others enjoy improv classes just for having a good time and finding new relationships.

We have classes available in many locations and we're continuing to expand. Wherever you are, if you'd like to have a class let us know. We'll only contact you for classes that are within range for you. We will only share your information with third parties if you give us permission. More likely we will share third party class information for you to follow-up with.

While we can conduct these classes on our own or with others anywhere in the country, we have a greater presence in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Naples, Fort Myers, the Florida Keys, Boston, New York City, Atlantic City, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Silicon Valley, Wine Country of Napa, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Portland and Seattle as well as the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Contact us by email at or by calling (866) 219-4386.